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Brown's Mart Productions 2017 Season

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9 - 25 MARCH      A DOLL'S HOUSE by Henrik Ibsen

Nora and Torvald Helmer are living their dream life, happily married with children and security. When Nora’s reputation is put at risk, we witness the lengths she will go to hide it from her husband. Ultimately they are forced to question just how perfect their marriage really is.

In a new and bold interpretation by Director Gail Evans, Ibsen’s powerful, groundbreaking classic about marriage, money, and equality remains a sparkling dramatic masterpiece that continues to speak powerfully to us more than a century after it first hit the stage.

This will be a rare opportunity to see this watershed play live in an intelligent, exciting and at times, humorous new production.


15 - 26 FEBRUARY   MR TAKAHASHI by Sandra Thibodeaux

Darwin. 1942. A town collapses under the threat of invasion, as bombshells drop on Northern Australia. Families and entire cultures are torn apart by the secrets that start to fall.  Is Mr Takahashi to blame?

Produced by Corrugated Iron Youth Arts in association with JUTE Theatre Company, and penned by local award-winning playwright Sandra Thibodeaux, Mr Takahashi (and Other Falling Secrets) commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin.


29 MAR - 13 APRIL   THE AGE OF BONES by Sandra Thibodeaux

The Age of Bones (Jaman Belulang) is an Australian-Indonesian co-production about an Indonesian boy, Ikan, who goes fishing one day and fails to return.

Assuming the worst, his parents hire a legendary seafarer to look for his corpse. He finds nothing. The Age of Bones traces what happened to Ikan – from the day he left, to his eventual imprisonment in Australia and his fight to return home.

The Age of Bones is mostly set under the ocean in an underwater court, a fantastical piece realized through shadow puppets, video and music.


20 JUNE - 25 JUNE   SWAGMAN'S GHOST by Levin Diatschenko

“Once a jolly Swagman camped by a billabong”

A gang of bushrangers cleverly disguised as a band of travelling musicians tour the Territory, hypnotising their audiences and taking their wallets. Hot on their heels, a mysterious swagman pursues them, trying to bring them to justice.

From the pen of one of the Territory’s most imaginative playwrights, Swagman’s Ghost is a parable for modern times, full of haunting, poetic music – and a touch of the supernatural.


25 JULY - 6 AUGUST   THE SOUND OF WAITING by Mary Anne Butler

God’s Waiting Room evokes Asylum seeker Hamed Mokri’s passage to Hope and Possibility in a tiny boat upon high and stormy seas, with only an Angel of Death as company.  The Angel’s task is to make sure Hamed dies before he reaches safe shores.

An Allegory for a world which has closed its door on humanity, God’s Waiting Room explores themes of resilience, humanity, hope and displacement – posing the central question:  As a global community, where do we go to from here?


8 - 26 NOVEMBER    THE DALY RIVER GIRL by Tessa Rose

The Daly River Girl, depicts writer, Tessa Rose’s personal story, starting from growing up with various non-indigenous foster families in Perth, Western Australia, an eternity away from her natural mother, family, and Country of Daly River, Northern Territory.

Her story speaks from the heart and openly expresses her pain, anger and joy.  We follow her journey from adolescence into womanhood, her first love, the cruelty of domestic violence, her resilience to overcome the many obstacles on her own. 

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