14 & 17 March 2018


by The Royal National Theatre of Jingili
Directed by Gail Evans
Presented by Artback NT and Brown’s Mart Theatre

Something’s rotten in the Cooters’ backwoods cabin – and it’s not just Granma’s guts.

A blood moon’s soon to rise, once more activating the Cooter curse caused by a dire and dreadful secret from the kinfolks dim, dark past.

The play begins, like all good setups for a story, in England with the tragic death of Sin Jin’s parents who were mistook as grapes and trampled to death. They leave a huge fortune to their son and some cousins he’s never heard of from America. He sets off to deliver them the good news – and discovers more than he bargained for!

Thus begins a maelstrom of misadventure with hackneyed hillbillies, drawled accents, woods and rivers and beasts that quip and quibble! Through it all will they be able to break the curse that’s taking the Cooters’ one grow’d child at a time to the grave?

Returning for a second season at Brown’s Mart – performed with no set and minimal props, five actors play over 30 characters in this 90-minute production filled with live music and jokes that just don’t stop!

Hillbilly Horror Cast: Ciella Williams, Gail Evans, Nicola Fearn, Tania Lieman, Yoris Wilson

Hillbilly Horror Musicians: Carol Palmer, Angus Robson

Hillbilly Horror Credits:

Producer – The Royal National Theatre of Jingili

Director – Gail Evans

Lighting Designer – Jess Davis

Production/Tour Manager – Joshua Grant

Tour Coordinator – Artback NT

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