All Aboard to New Babylon!

A solitary ship carrying the last hope of humanity – this show packs an hilarious post apocalyptic punch this June

Merlynn Tong and Sarah Reuben rehearsing for New Babylon

“How many of these ridiculous plagues do we have to endure?  Lock down. Open up. Wear masks, don’t wear masks. Die, don’t die. I don’t know which way is up!”

New Babylon by Stephen Carleton will have its World Premiere at Brown’s Mart from 8 June 2021.

Directed by Gail Evans (The Sound of Waiting, Broken, Turquoise Elephant) New Babylon is “an absurd, dark comedy about the apocalypse.”

Carleton’s The Turquoise Elephant won the 2015 Griffin Award for new Australian writing. “New Babylon picks up from where The Turquoise Elephant left off, but it was important to me that this new work succeed as a stand-alone piece with its own independent logic, premise and storyline”, states Carleton.

Stand alone New Babylon certainly does; a solitary ship carrying the last hope of humanity – this show packs an hilarious post apocalyptic punch and more than a few wake-up calls.

Kyle Walmsley, Nicola Fearn and Kadek Hobman in New Babylon

Featuring outstanding performances from its cast, the show stars Brown’s Mart allumni Kyle Walmsley as the mysterious Dr Suleiman, Kadek Hobman as the steely Wolfgang and Nicola Fearn reprising her role from The Turquoise Elephant, Baroness Olympia von Willendorf. With Brisbane actor Merlynn Tong joining the cast as the fiery Astrid, and Sarah Reuben (who’ll be co-starring in her new work The Hypotheticals at Brown’s Mart as part of Darwin Festival in August) as lucky lottery winner Vivien.

“I’ve paid a fortune to be here… the least they can give me is satellite access and a glass of champagne on arrival!”

With Lighting Design by Brown’s Mart’s Artistic Director Sean Pardy (Highway of Lost Hearts, Broken), sound by ARIA winning Matt Cunliffe (Singularity, A Doll’s House), and Costume and Design powerhouses of Kirsten Fausett and Rebecca Adams both continuing their respective roles from The Turquoise Elephant, the show is an immersive voyage to the promised land… in theory.

Merlynn Tong rehearsing for New Babylon

In New Babylon, Carleton creates a world not far from the one we inhabit, “The pandemics are raging; the sea levels are rising… But what have we bargained our way into, exactly?” he posits. You’ll have to grab tickets and come along to find out.

The show’s very own Dr Suleiman would remind us when asking such questions “Remember, we’re all in this together!”

New Babylon plays June 8-19 in the Brown’s Mart Theatre and is presented by Brown’s Mart and Knock-em-Down Theatre. Get Your Tickets Here

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