Performance Experiments


Paid opportunities for artists from any artform background to collaborate at Brown’s Mart. These week-long, self-directed intensives will see artists work in pairs to devise, explore and generate, culminating in a micro performance outcome to peers and the public.

2024 Performance Experiments Applications have now closed and will re-open in 2025.


What is it?

Two artists investigate, play, and discover together over one week – they then present a performance at the end. Whatever ‘performance’ means!


What do you get?

  • Artists fees of $1250 per artist for the week
  • Free access to the Brown’s Mart Studio for the week
  • 2 hours of Technician time to plot and operate basic lights and sound for your performance (if required)
  • Informal one-on-ones with the Brown’s Mart Artistic Associates.
  • Marketing by Brown’s Mart for audiences to attend the final performance outcome
  • 4 complimentary tickets to your performance to allocate as you wish 


Kids are welcome to accompany you during your time at Brown’s Mart, just let us know a bit about this in your application.

The First round of Performance Experiment Applications open in March 2024 for the first performance on 17 May.

A total of four artists across the two Performance Experiments will be successful.

 The Details


This new initiative sparks the collaborative creative process by pairing two artists for one week, with a performance at the end. Sounds fun, right?

This project forges new collaborations and encourages artistic experimentation. Successful artists will approach their experiment with an expansive approach to both collaboration and performance, and will work in pairs as they investigate their individual and shared practice from a range of angles across one full-time week at Brown’s Mart. Artists will then present their findings in whichever way seems the most nourishing, exciting, and practical to them in a ticketed ‘performance’ on the Friday evening.


The ‘performance’ may look like a short show, a presentation of ideas with a Q and A, an improvised reflection, or any other idea the artists may come up with during their experiment. This outcome is interpretable - what’s fixed is that an audience of peers and arts lovers will be there, and they’ll be waiting for… something!


Artists can apply with their nominated collaborator OR  be paired with a collaborator by Brown’s Mart.


Visual artists, animators, writers, videographers and artists from other non-performing arts backgrounds interested in collaborating with a performing artist are encouraged to apply.


This opportunity is suitable for emerging, mid-career and

established artists.


At least one artist in each Performance Experiment will have a performing arts practice.


At least one artist in each Performance Experiment will be based in the NT. Interstate and International Artists are welcome to apply for this opportunity and are encouraged to get in touch prior to application.


Applicants may be contacted for more information prior to selection.



Please reach out to the Brown’s Mart team who would love to work with you with any questions. 

You can reach out to the Artistic Associates at or on 8981 5522.

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