Farewell to Sean Pardy- and a Sneak Peak of 2022

After 13 years with Brown’s Mart, Sean Pardy wraps up his last day today. On the brink of his departure, we're letting the cat out of the bag about a couple of performance works you will see at Brown’s Mart in 2022; the world premiere of Jarradah Gooragulli – Dance of the Brolgas by Auntie Kathy Mills and the re-scheduled season of Hush by Ciella Williams.


"This is exactly the type of work that I wanted to see made and supported at Brown’s Mart” says Sean. “It is has been an honour to get to know Auntie Kathy Mills and an awesome privilege to be involved in Jarradah Gooragulli – Dance of the Brolgas. First Nations led, this work uses local talent to share a story that will be not only be accessible for all but which supports an artist to tell the story they want to tell, rightly placing them at the forefront.”.


Jarradah Gooragulli – Dance of the Brolgas melds storytelling, dance, music, cinematography and song. Led by Auntie Kathy, the artistic team includes Larrakia dance man and choreographer Gary Lang, Composer/Sound Designer Lena Kellie (Larrakia), Bunuba man Fred Copperwaite, Cinematographer Naina Sen, and Lighting Designer Beck Adams. Larrakia, Kungarakan, Mayali, Yangman, Jawoyn and Gurindji man Robbie Patj Patj Mills will oversee cultural protocols and language including Kungarakan, Gurindji and Kriol.


This performance season will represent an incredible moment – to share our language, culture, family story and Nana Kathy’s vision for reconciliation with the broader community. It is so significant that we will be sharing them forty years after she first wrote and planned this performance, and that we will be sharing them in a work that blends our ancient art of storytelling and dance with projections, inventive design, lighting and sound.” Associate Producer Carly Bancroft.


A partnership between Brown’s Mart and Sydney-based New Ghosts Theatre Co., the production of Ciella Williams’ Hush will showcase some of the best talent in Australia. After COVID lockdowns postponed the Hush World Premiere twice in 2021, it makes its comeback in 2022.


Sean continued “Hush, equally, is exactly what we need in the Australian Theatre scene. This play elevates a voice that is rarely heard on Australian main stages. It delves into a world that is not spoken about; ‘not allowed’ the air that it deserves. Ciella has been a young writer on Fresh Ink, utilised our ENGAGE program, developed projects through BUILD UP, and been involved in countless productions. Now her play Hush will appear as part of Brown’s Mart’s 2022 season. The future is here.


Hush tells the story of Nina, a young woman whose waters have broken at 22 weeks, one week shy of the termination deadline in the NT. On forced bed rest in Darwin hospital, and paralysed by indecision, she forms an unlikely friendship with the prickly young woman next to her as a doctor desperate to have her own baby circles. Nina slowly loses her grip on reality, as she is visited by her best friend, begging her to demand more from her life, and the apparition of her mother as a young woman.


It is a story that strikes eerily home for anyone who has been a mother… or had a mother… or dreams or fears what it means to bring a new life into this crazy new world we’ve found ourselves a part of.” Director of New Ghosts Theatre Co and Hush, Lucy Clements.


We’re thrilled that two incredible new works will be part of our 2022 program.  It is a great honour to be working with elder, artist, and activist Auntie Kathy Mills and to be developing and presenting a First Nations led collaborative performance work of this scale.  After a difficult year, it is without question that we would support Ciella, New Ghosts, and the entire HUSH team in bringing this significant play to Darwin next year.  Brown’s Mart takes seriously our role in, and our commitment to, supporting Northern Territory artists through developing and presenting new, local and First Nations performance.”  Brown’s Mart CEO, Sophia Hall


But That’s Not All…


Brown’s Mart has plenty more to come in 2022. Keep your ears to the ground, Australia.


Pictured: Ciella Williams and Cj Fraser-Bell from Hush, Carly Bancroft and Auntie Kathy Mills from Jarradah Gooragulli – Dance of the Brolgas, and outgoing Artistic Director Sean Pardy with Brown’s Mart CEO Sophia Hall. Photo by Duane Preston.